MAMOI® Adjustable swing rope 85-140 cm | 2 x swing rope extension with metal swing snap hook | Natural cotton rope with clip hook | 100% ECO | Made in EU


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✔ The high-quality swing rope extension is used to safely extend the fastening of swings, swing seats, and many other products (indoor). The product meets the strict safety requirements and EN AND CE norms. All fastening elements: rings, snap hooks, and locks are made of metal, making them highly durable. Each rope can take a load of 50 kg.

✔ The swing rope is made of natural cotton, without the use of any harmful substances and chemicals. The material is fully biodegradable. The metal elements are stronger more durable than plastic elements, which are often used in products of this kind. Moreover, choosing metal over plastic is not only more safe for your loved ones but also more environmentally friendly.

✔ The product is ready for use. The set contains adjustable ropes with a snap hook and two metal rings. The 1 cm thick rope can be used with all types of swings and will help you adapt them to unusual ceiling height rooms. The length of the ropes is adjustable and can be from 85 cm to 140 cm. The metal elements allow to set and keep the rope at the desired length. The rope is also suitable for use in the balcony and terrace.

✔ The swing rope is natural, beige. The metal elements are silver-grey. The modern and organic design ensures that the product will look good in any place. It is the perfect addition to wooden swings, seats, and hammocks.

✔ MAMOI satisfaction and safety guarantee – 100% money back guarantee – at the highest quality refers not only to the products, but also to our customer service: If you do not fall in love with our product, we will refund your money.

The MAMOI brand’s main aim is to provide you with the highest quality products that meet European standards and thus are completely safe for you and your loved ones. We do not use any chemical preservatives during the production process and make our products out of natural and ecological materials only. Due to this, our products are completely safe and can be used even by the youngest ones. The use of extension ropes enables you to obtain a more precise and desirable hanging height of various swings and seats in any room.

The set includes two pieces of durable sail ropes. The product is exceptionally easy to assemble. The length can be set up from 85 cm to 140 cm. Each rope can carry up to 50 kg. The product can also be used to indoors mount any hanging product from MAMOI’s offer: balcony swing seats or other swings, hammocks, child’s swings, trapeze swings, child’s seats, or nest swings.

Snap hooks for metal swings are very robust and durable. Unlike plastic elements (used in other products of this type), our steel elements are not susceptible to breakage or deformations. The swing rope is a piece of universal equipment. The rope’s natural and minimalist design allows the product to be unnoticeable and will make it fit any room regardless of its design, style, and colour scheme.

Metal parts: ring, snap hook, and lock
colour or the rope: natural/beige
rope diameter: 1 cm
Rope length from 85 to 140 cm
Purpose: INDOOR
Quantity in set: 2 pcs.
The product is packed in an envelope.

Also know as:
swing rope replacement
rope for swings
swing rope kit
swing hooks for children’s swing
swing hooks


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