Made with heart for your child – what can you buy in our store?

In today’s world, there are too many external stimuli that distract a person and stop him from experiencing complete peace. This problem begins from an early age of a child’s life, when  it’s surrounded by lots of motley toys, often dangerous to it’s health and even life. Everyone needs peace and harmony – our toys  and accessories for children are subdued, colored, functional, while remaining pleasant to the eye. Try us out!

What makes us special?

As a company with a high standard of services, we deeply care about the safety and comfort of children who will ultimately use our products. We value the high quality of materials used in production, and above all, the minimalism and elegance of our products. Against the background of mass-produced toys of poor quality, we are distinguished primarily by the attention to detail and refinement of our toys and accessories, as they are all handmade from scratch. In our store you will find the highest quality made products, made of beech and pine wood, oiled with safe and natural preparations, neutral for humans. Ultimately, we focus on our youngest customers and their safety, giving the great attention to details. We work in accordance with “less waste”, and above all, the term “less is more”, what is very close to our values. We produce kids’ toys with passion, fulfilling the dreams of children and their parents. Our products are durable and look great all the time despite the passage of time.

What products can we offer to you?

In our store you will find high-quality toys and play accessories for small children and toddlers,  that can successfully serve much longer than the age recommendations say. Swings or other play accessories are made with the help of plywood, as well as sailor cotton ropes, making them very difficult to spoil or tear them, causing a fall. Metal hooks, which are very durable and resistant to corrosion, add additional safety. We also offer puzzles, figurines and even gym ring swings for older kids. Everything in accordance with the principle, that toys aren’t only to entertain the child, but also to develop as many of its new skills as possible, shape reflexes and balance. You can also buy accessories for playing in the garden, for example swings, slides or specially profiled climbing frames. They are properly protected with natural substances, so they will not be damaged by weather conditions. All our accessories and toys are oiled with natural and odorless neutral oils for children and adults. The child can therefore play with our toys without fear, and the parent can be completely confident about its safety and health. Our priority is timelessness and simplicity, which is desirable in today’s world as a complete opposite of the commercial world – thanks to our toys and accessories, the child will develop new skills, while remaining calm and safe. We are truly convinced that you, and your child will both love our products as we do – we make them with a passion, let us show you our meaning of quality!