Meet wooden toys from MAMOI – products created with passion and designed to fulfil the needs of your child

Do you want only high-quality toys in your child’s room? Are you looking for durable and functional accessories that will decorate your living space at the same time? We present timeless toys and accessories, designed with passion and created based on modern methods. 

MAMOI is constantly developing: we work to improve our products so that you can buy baby toys and accessories that you and your child will enjoy for years. We offer eco toys and baby products such as swings, rockers, climbing frames, gymnastic ladders and much more. You will find here equipment that will decorate your child’s room and also fit into your home décor. 

Discover the highest quality of MAMOI children’s toys! Choose our timeless style, minimalist forms and precision finishing process. Bet on proper support for the psychomotor development of your child – through active and challenging play.

Our secret? Top materials.

The quality of the finished product is hidden in the materials! Toddlers toys have always had a special place in our hearts. For this reason, we use only the best quality materials, such as wood, non-toxic plywood, cotton and stainless steel. MAMOI cares about our planet – we are inspired by the “less waste” solutions and prefer ecological, biodegradable or recycled materials.

A future without plastic starts with small choices every day, of each of us. We create MAMOI products and pay attention to limiting the use of synthetic raw materials and plastic to the necessary minimum. They are especially suitable as hypoallergenic filling for pillows and mattresses which increase comfort during playtime for little allergy sufferers. MAMOI eco toys are made using non-toxic preparations. In the manufacturing process we reach for safe wood preservatives and other materials that will not pose a risk to your child. 

MAMOI wooden toy – a traditional form in a modern way

Most of our products are wooden toys – and we do it on purpose. Thinking about traditionally made and durable elements in a child’s room, wood is the material that first comes to our mind. MAMOI aims to combine the best of traditional children’s toys with modern solutions and production techniques.

Each element of our product is precisely prepared. This enables us to get rid of sharp edges and ensures that they do not pose a risk to any child. Your child can just indulge in a carefree play and explore the world and you don’t have to worry about anything as the high quality finish of our products is also intended to serve parents. We focus on every detail so that assembly, cleaning and care of the toy can always be done as quickly and easily as possible. We present baby products that will delight you with their functionality and beautiful workmanship.

Montessori toys in your child’s room – proper psychomotor development

Our toys are designed according to the guidelines of the Montessori. It’s an internationally known and respected system of education that divides a child’s development into several key stages. The first one falls in the first six years of a child’s life and is referred to as absorbent. This means that the child begins to acquire their first skills and to develop their personality and interests. Furthermore, Montessori learning also clearly indicates that the youngest toddlers learn about the world mainly through the senses of touch, smell and taste. 

We pay attention to that when creating each Montessori toy. These accessories will effectively support the proper child’s development, so that they can learn about the world around them through good and active play. MAMOI offers sensory toys that improve baby’s intellectual ability and motor functions from the very first months. To include additional functionalities, we complete eco toys with movable elements that the child can safely use, grasp and explore using all senses.

This only confirms how important it is that our toys are made from safe and non-toxic materials. We only use approved preparations that – in contact with the skin or face – are not a health concern for children.

Create a dream playroom for your baby – MAMOI wooden toys

Among many MAMOI products there are toys dedicated to children of different ages. Every toddler loves to play a lot, so surround him/her with accessories that are not only entertaining but also able to support his/her healthy development. We offer ergonomically designed baby swings for children of all ages. So it’s easy for you to choose for your child these ones that represent how they like to spend their time and that match their interests. 

We recommend a series of eco toys, which includes different models of swings and seats. It’s a great addition to any child’s room, as well as to a terrace or even living room. There are also climbing triangles and arches that can be used to build a real baby gym at home! If you are looking for original accessories that will adorn any interior of your child’s room, choose our multifunctional tipi tents. For little enthusiasts of active play, we have prepared a selection of toys such as balance boards, ladders and climbing walls. The products available in our range are a great option for a gift idea, both for boys and girls. 

We also have a large selection of additional accessories and mounting elements that will enable you to improve the functionality of your toys. Explore our design: we focus on solutions that adjust products to your needs.

MAMOI toys from 1 year – products designed for our little customers

We create toys and accessories dedicated to the youngest children and we never compromise on safety. In the first few months, your baby should be surrounded only by the most necessary accessories, so it is worth choosing products of the best quality. Every baby toy available in our offer from 1 year is created exclusively from the top quality materials. We reach, among others, for ecological fabrics, such as cotton, which is commonly used to create layette for new-borns and babies. Cotton absorbs moisture, is non-allergenic, breathable and durable at the same time. 

For the youngest children we recommend e.g. a selection of swings, such as jumpers and hanging seats, available in beautiful colours and natural finishes. Our toys, depending on the model, are also equipped with sensory elements made of wood and our innovative safety belts, which provide additional protection for the little users.

MAMOI toys from 2 years and older – healthy and active development

We also offer toys suitable for children over the age of 24 months. Children’s toys from 2 years show your child new functionalities. In this way, while playing – with siblings, parents or peers – the child can still acquire new skills. Every month the baby becomes more and more active and curious. So make sure they have plenty of interesting toys around to instil them with a desire to learn about the world and discover their interests! 

Physical activity is an extremely important element for the proper development of each child. Choose toys that encourage to being active. For running and active toddlers, a climbing frame or ladder will be a great room equipment. Climbing helps to activate the muscles in the whole body, including hands and fingers. Check out our offer and choose the toys that suit the age of your toddler! 

Safety comes always first 

Playing, whether indoors or outdoors, should always be completely safe. This is an important aspect that we take into account when designing particular accessories. We are sure you will appreciate this when you decide on our toddlers toys. Our products are durable, precisely finished and tailored to the needs of children of all ages. 

MAMOI baby toys are rigorously tested for safe use and comply with European quality standards. Each product is described in detail, with indications of the age and weight of the child who can use the toy. This should help you make the right choice, also if you are looking for a gift for a friend’s child or anyone from the family.

Minimalism, simplicity, precision craftsmanship and natural finish – you can be sure that it’s MAMOI!

A timeless eco toy is an equipment that should offer your child valuable entertainment – and  decorate their room at the same time. Your child’s bedroom – kept in natural and soft colours – may be a very nice place with such a cosy decor.

The signature of MAMOI is the design of our wooden toys for children. Our designers are inspired by Scandinavian style and minimalism. For this reason, we focus primarily on natural finishes in a neutral colour palette. Instead of crazy colours, our products delight with beautiful details and light form. 

We offer modern baby products that will work perfectly in the room of an only child as well as siblings of different ages and will appeal to every boy and girl – and adults, of course. Accessories for children can also easily find their place in a living room. The classic and simple design ensures that they look perfect, no matter the style of the interior. The bright colours let you combine all the Montessori toys in the MAMOI line with your own interior as well as with each other. 

Choose, mix and match individual toys to create a space dedicated for having fun and proper development of your child.