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Baby swings
Climbing triangles
Climbing walls
Climbing frames
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Tents for kids
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Materials used in production

In our store you will find the highest quality products, made of european certified beech and pine wood, oiled with safe and natural preparations, neutral for humans. Wooden elements are machine-cut and hand-finished. We want to make sure that no element has a defect and meets high safety standards. For swings we use only natural ropes. All material elements are sewn from dense and durable cotton with no artificial colouring.


People all over the world love these products

Baby swing 3 in 1
Scandinavian baby swing
Scandinavian baby swings
Climbing triangle for children
Climbing triangle with slide
Climbing frames for children
Climbing walls for children
Balance board for kids

Only one production process is mechanical. We use the highest quality equipment in it.

Most of the work on the product is done by hand to ensure that it will meet our quality standards. Due to manual work, this process takes the most time.

At this stage we put our products together and complete orders.

When everything is ready, there is nothing left to do but deliver the product you have purchased. Our shipping includes several countries from two continents.

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