MAMOI® SET: Climbing frame, triangle and slide, Indoor wooden baby gym for toddlers, Toddler rockers, Climbers & play structures montessori from age 1-3 year old


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✔ The climbing frame set with toddler slide is made of pinewood and plywood, which makes it stable. Elements are thoroughly polished – we take extreme care to ensure that there are no sharp edges. The climbing triangle is mounted with the help of durable T-bolts. The toddler climbing frame meets the strict EN and CE safety requirements.

✔ The indoor climbing frame set is made of pine wood, which is cut using the CNC method and high-quality plywood. The wooden climbing frame indoor is environmentally friendly and safe for children. The baby climbing frame indoor is treated with ecological preservatives that are safe and do not cause allergy. The wooden play gym is available in a natural wood finish without any other paints.

✔ The wooden baby gym set is easy to assemble at home. The indoor climbing frame for toddlers is suitable for children of various ages, depending on their weight and height, and can be easily adjusted to any particular child’s needs. The baby climbing frame can bear up to 60 kg of weight and can be used by children over the 36th month of age.

✔ The natural wooden finish of the baby rockers will look stylish regardless of the various interior design styles. The toddler climbing frame style is universal and cosy and will fit incredibly well in Scandinavian-style rooms. The indoor slide set has a consistent appearance, and its elements can be set up with each other in various ways.

✔ The product can be used outdoors, but should be stored in a dry and clean place. Due to the natural materials, it must not be exposed to adverse weather conditions such as rain or snow. The manufacturer is not responsible for non-compliance with the storage conditions of the toy instructions.

The MAMOI brand specialises in the production of unique toys dedicated to the youngest children. All products meet all strict European quality standards.

The set contains:
1. Climbing triangle in the form of a two-way ladder made of pinewood and plywood. Elements are connected by solid T-bolts.
2. Climbing frame (2-in-1 toy). When the arch is placed facing upwards, it can be used as a covered climbing tower, and when it is turned and faces downwards, the toy functions as a wooden rocker. The product is equipped with four handles, thanks to which the toy can be easily transported and rocked.
The climbing triangle and climbing arch set can be used together with special play mats.
3. Wooden slide. The sides of a toddler slide are made of plywood. One side is smooth while the other has rungs.

Rounded ends with notches on both sides allow the slide to be attached to the other set elements. The indoor slide is securely connected to rungs by precisely cut elements. The position and height of the baby slide are adjustable.

The set is dedicated to children over 24th month of age. It is a perfect gift idea for siblings – children can play on the same set together. The product is entirely safe for children and exceptionally durable. The climbing frame set with toddler slide helps develop the baby’s motor skills and grabbing and climbing skills.

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