MAMOI Mini Climbing triangle seesaw wood Natural materials Climbing triangle for children made of pine wood + Slide

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✔ Climbing triangle ensures safe fun in home and in garden. The product meets the strict EN and CE safety requirements. The toy is made from high-quality pine wood and plywood. Elements are connected using steel bolts. The covered tower is exceptionally durable and can be used as rocker and ladder.


✔ Slide board is ready for use and does not require assembly. The slide’s sides are made from plywood cut on one side to be smooth and wave-shaped on the other side. The cutouts allows to connect the slide to a ladder. One side of the board is smooth, while the other is equipped with rungs that child can use to ascend. Drilling on both sides allows to safely mount slide in selected position.


✔ The mini triangle inscribed in the form of crib is a multifunctional toy that can be a climbing ladder or a crib. The product is adapted for use by children over 9th month of age depending on their weight and height. The toy is intended for autonomous assembly. It is perfect for playing in home and in garden.


✔ Simple and modern design will fit to each child’s room. The light colour wood has a light appearance. The climbing triangle for garden or home has the form of an arc and is free of sharp edges. As a crib, it can be supplemented with colourful pillows and blankets. The climbing tower is a timeless toy designed to support motor development of children.


✔ MAMOI safety and satisfaction guarantee – 100% money back guarantee. At MAMOI, the highest quality is not only associated with the products, but also with our customer service: If you don’t fall in love with our product, we will refund your money.

The climbing triangle is a product designed for the youngest children and with a view on supporting their psychomotor development. The MAMOI brand bets on ecological materials and workmanship of the highest quality, thanks to which customers will receive only the best products that meet strict European standards.

2-in-1 toy: depending on the setting, it is a climbing triangle or a crib. The frame is made from natural pine wood and plywood. Raw resources are secured using ecological products that are harmless for children and environment. Simple design checks out in each room and outdoors. All elements are thoroughly cut (CNC) and finished, thus they are free of burrs and splinters. When you move the arc upwards, you will receive a covered climbing tower while turning the toy allows you to use it as a rocking crib.

The toddler slide is a universal element that can be used as a ladder and slide. The construction of our slide board kids allows to quickly connect it with climbing ladder or trapeze. All you have to do is hook the board on selected height using permanent drilling. The product is ready to use immediately after being taken out of the package.

The product is suitable for children over 9th month of age. The toddler climbing frame is suitable for play, but also helps developing motor skills of the whole body, as well as grabbing and climbing skills. Wood with natural finish is safe for your baby because it is made without toxic paints or lacquers.

The product can be used outdoors but should be stored in a dry and clean place. Due to the natural materials, it must not be exposed to adverse weather conditions such as rain or snow. The manufacturer is not responsible for non-compliance with the storage conditions of the toy instructions.


Use under direct adult supervision.

All our products are designed
and manufactured in the European Union

The secret of durability of our toys is actually very simple – all our products are made of high-quality materials, including wood, cotton and metal, thanks to which the toys are durable and resistant to damage. We care about the satisfaction of our customers, which is why we avoid cheap plastics and unnecessary toy elements that can quickly fall off or break down, and this could be dangerous for the child. See our offer and try our toys out – we promise you won’t regret it!

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