MAMOI® Swing hanging chair Light grey, Indoor hammock, Sensory swing seat for bedroom for kids, Child door swinging nest for autism, Garden egg swings for children


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Color: Light grey
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Weight: 6 kg Dimensions: 60 × 140 × 60 cm Color:

Light grey




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✔ The swing chair is made of durable fabric that is resistant to damage and deformation. The hanging chair is finished with double seams and special tape. The hook for hanging is part of the bag, which prevents the seat from accidentally unhooking. The sensory swing meets the strict safety requirements.

✔ The hammock chair is made of high quality, ecological cotton with a weight of 210 g/m2. No chemical pollutants are used in the production process. The cushion is filled with silicone balls, which prevents dangerous mites from developing in it. This is especially important for anyone who suffers from a dust mite allergy. The material of the swing seat does not cause allergies and feels pleasant.

✔ The indoor swing is good for playing, reading and sleeping. The opening (entrance) is large enough for your child to sit comfortably in it. The seat has a load capacity of 60 kg and is suitable – depending on weight and size – for children over 36 months, under the supervision of parents. The door swing is ready for assembly.

✔ Durable carrying straps are sewn onto all edges of the kids swing. This allows the swing to hold its shape even better. There are also two handles by the opening that a child can use to support themselves when entering the cave. The light grey cocoon swing is universal and practical. Minimalist design of the cocoon chair also suits any room.

✔ The child chair can be used outdoors, but should be stored in a dry and clean place. Due to the natural materials, it must not be exposed to adverse weather conditions such as rain or snow. The manufacturer is not responsible for non-compliance with the storage conditions of the toy instructions.

The MAMOI company stands out for the high quality of its products. These also meet the strict safety requirements and standards. The egg chair indoor is suitable for any room as a swing for playing, reading and relaxing. No chemical pollutants, dyes or cleaning agents are used in the production. An ecological product. The indoor swing for kids has a timeless design.

The swinging chair is made of high-quality cotton with a weight of 210 g/m2. The material is very durable, easy to clean and safe. All edges are protected by a carrying strap. The material does not irritate your child’s skin. The nest swing is loaded with a double-stitched cushion. The cushion is 10 cm thick and has the shape of a circle with a diameter of 60 cm. This is filled with silicone balls, which keeps the seat in its shape. The filling is hypoallergenic and therefore safe for children.

The bedroom swing is designed to be mounted on the ceiling. The hook for hanging is made of carrying strap. This is part of the seat, which protects against tearing or hanging. Two handles made of material have been added at the opening to make it as easy as possible to get in and out. The suspended children’s hanging seat is 160 cm high. The kids swing chair can support up to 60 kg and is suitable for children over 36 months. Adult supervision is recommended when playing.

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