MAMOI Sandbox with cover 120×120 Sandbox Impregnated Sandbox with benches Wooden toy cover Benches 150×150


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✔ Optimal size for children: The sandpit has the perfect size of 120×120 cm, ideal for several children to play at the same time.

✔ High quality material: Made of dry, high quality pine wood; ideal for long-lasting durability and stability outdoors.

✔ Child-safe design: all edges of the sandpit are carefully rounded; surface planed and polished to ensure children’s safety while playing.

✔ Practical benches: The sandpit has two fold-in and fold-out benches that protect the sand from contamination by animals, leaves or garbage.

✔ Easy assembly: The pre-drilled holes and clear instructions allow quick and uncomplicated self-assembly – no specialist knowledge required.
Insulating agrotextile included: The black agrotextile supplied prevents the sand from mixing with the soil and protects against the ingress of worms and weeds.

It is made from high-quality, dry pine wood. For the safety of your children, the edges of the sandpit boards are rounded and the surface is carefully planed and polished. The sandpit is a safe place for children to play. It has two benches that can be folded down to protect the sand from animals, leaves, garbage or other unwanted debris. Assembly is simple and can be carried out quickly. The sandpit is an ideal playground for children. What is included? What do you get? Detailed information: The set includes a folding sandpit with benches, a protective tarpaulin, insulating agrotextile and assembly instructions. Self-assembly according to instructions. Perfectly finished dry boards, planed and polished, with rounded edges and pre-drilled holes to facilitate the assembly of the sandpit. Assembling the sandpit with benches. What sets us apart from the competition?

Thanks to the pre-drilled holes, installation is very quick and easy and no special equipment or skills are required. All you need is a cordless drill, a screwdriver or a screwdriver. Almost all the holes required for assembly are pre-drilled, which means that the boards will not tear when twisted. Screws and hinges are included. Free items included in the set include: Black agrotextile fleece. This black agrotextile provides better insulation with the ground, prevents the sand in the sandpit from mixing with the soil and protects against worms and weeds that could penetrate from below. Advantages of the black fleece agrotextile: Isolates the sandpit from the ground; prevents sand from mixing with the ground under the sandpit and


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