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✔ The playing trapeze is made of solid wood. The frame is composed of 4 strips of 60 cm length, wooden clips, a round rod, and a jute string for connection. The baby toy arch is connected through wooden elements. This means that it does not need to be tightened after assembly or additionally adjusted during use. The construction of the baby toy is very stable.


✔ The wooden baby toy bow is made of ecological materials, which are friendly to both the user and the environment. The frame is made of raw pinewood and plywood. Sensory toys are made of beech wood. The individual parts are also protected without the use of harmful chemicals. The legs of the frame are connected with a natural jute string.


✔ The wooden toy is intended for self-assembly. The Activity Centre Baby is intended for children under 6 months, who learn to stand up and sit by themselves. All elements are smooth to the touch. Sensory toys are designed so that a child can grasp them. The product also meets the strict safety requirements and EN AND CE norms.


✔ The play trapeze has a natural finish. Minimalist design is universal and fits in every child’s room. It is a beautiful and tasteful addition to the children’s play area. Bright raw wood has a modern look. The play arch for babies is suitable for both boys and girls.


✔ MAMOI guarantee – 100% money back guarantee. At MAMOI, the highest quality is not only associated with the products, but also with our customer service: If you don’t fall in love with our product, we will refund your money.

The Play Bow for Babies Wood is a beautifully made sensory toy for small children. The product has been specially developed for toddlers up to 6 months who are just learning to grip. The product is a beautiful addition to any nursery.

A big advantage of the wooden play bow is its stable and completely safe construction. The frame is fixed with precisely manufactured elements. All holes are drilled precisely, which guarantees easy and safe assembly. The frame of Play Trapezoid Wood does not rotate during use, so there is no need to tighten the screws.

Frame colour: raw wood
diameter of upper bar: 22 mm
length of upper bar: 700 mm
Number of side battens: 4 pcs.
Length of batten: 600 mm
Width of strip: 42 mm
Thickness of skirting: 21 mm

You can hang three sensory toys on baby play sheets. Each has a wooden ring to which a pitch wire with wooden beads is attached. The beech wood teething rings have three different patterns. Sensory rattles allow your child to develop mothoric skills and explore the world.

Length of pitch wire: 600 mm
Number of wooden beads: 17 pcs
Size of wooden beads: 30 mm
Dimensions of teething rings:
rattle: 100mm x 40mm
owl: 65mm x 60mm
horse: 60mm x 65mm

MAMOI’s Wood Baby play bow is made of high quality materials, which are ecological and safe for children. The precise woodworking guarantees no unevenness, spikes or sharp edges. No paints or varnishes that could be dangerous for children are used in the production process. The products meet the strict European quality requirements and have certificates confirming that the product can be used by a child.

All our products are designed
and manufactured in the European Union

The secret of durability of our toys is actually very simple – all our products are made of high-quality materials, including wood, cotton and metal, thanks to which the toys are durable and resistant to damage. We care about the satisfaction of our customers, which is why we avoid cheap plastics and unnecessary toy elements that can quickly fall off or break down, and this could be dangerous for the child. See our offer and try our toys out – we promise you won’t regret it!

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